From Cane to Mane: Dynagen-R™

This is the story of our hero ingredient: Dynagen-R! From day one, I didn’t want to just round up the “usual suspects” of hair repair – we went back to the drawing board with cosmetic chemistry. Relying on the most current hair science, we developed a proprietary complex that truly “feeds” hair what it needs!


Dynagen-R™ is fueled by the most “perfect protein” found in nature, a unique yeast protein called saccharomyces cerevisiae that is derived from fermented sugar cane. Loaded with a high protein value, essential amino acids, & vitamins…it’s also molecularly identical to the composition of hair.


  1. Strengthened follicle structure
  2. Boosted follicle nutrition
  3. Increased resistance to weathering & aging
  4. Instantly healthier, shinier & stronger hair