Presenting: A Breakthrough in Blonde!

Burnaby, B.C. Canada September 9th, 2021 – REDAVID® Salon Products, LTD., creators of luxury naturally derived haircare products for the professional beauty industry, have launched Blonde Therapy®, a 3-step system for clients to use at home for the DAILY care of blonde and highlightened hair. This shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment and toner, offers clients a chemical-free customizable daily toning experience while neutralizing brassiness that leaves hair in better condition than it found it.

“Blonde care solutions have been largely unchanged for a while now and instead of launching yet another blue or purple tinted shampoo or conditioner we wanted to redefine what a client can do at home,” said Marco Redavid, REDAVID® President. “The biggest challenge for highlightened blondes is brassiness and managing unwanted warmth that returns over time. We created a 3-step system that they can use every day as well as customize how much of that warmth they want to neutralize on any given day.” “They start with 1 pump of each to start and they go from there,” said Leonardo Redavid, REDAVID® Founder. “Since this is a rinse out system, they can’t harm the highlights and blonde work done in the salon. This really gives someone at home new ways to express how cool of a blonde they want to be in between services. The response has been amazing from salons.”

Blonde Therapy® Shampoo, Conditioner and Dual Therapy leave-in toner and treatment are 100% vegan and made with 90% natural/naturally derived ingredients. Free of parabens, sulfates, and gluten, they feature a violet pigment complex and are Fair Trade Certified. Orchid Oil’s unique moisture balancing properties improve hair elasticity and suppleness, while REDAVID’s exclusive Dynagen-R™ Complex builds internal strength, increasing body and fullness. Its formula utilizes the latest advanced in cosmetic science with nature’s best ingredients for blonde and highlightened hair: orchid & coconut oils, shea butter, hemp seed oil and healing herbs such as rosemary and ginseng.

The Step 3 Blonde Dual Therapy® is a unique concept and introduces a new blonde care step for clients at home that delivers surprising results in minutes. The temporary leave-in toing treatment features a two-part pump dispensing system with a Tone & Repair Complex on the left and a Shine Enhancing Complex on the right. Always applied to towel dry, but still wet hair, it requires heat from a few minutes of blow drying to set in and simply rinses out.

Blonde Therapy® Shampoo, 8.4 fl.oz. retails at $28.00 US / $32.00 CAN
Blonde Therapy® Shampoo, 33.8 fl. oz. retails at $60.00 US / $72.00 CAN
Blonde Therapy® Conditioner 8.4 fl.oz. retails at $28.00 US / $32.00 CAN
Blonde Therapy® Conditioner 33.8 fl. oz. retails at $60.00 US / $72.00 CAN
Blonde Dual Therapy® 3.3 fl. oz. retails at $50.00 US / $55.00 CAN

Blonde Therapy products are sold individually and will be available for homecare use via and salon professionals throughout North America wherever REDAVID® is sold.

REDAVID® was born in Vancouver, British Columbia at Leonardo Redavid’s hair salon over a decade ago, as he distilled a lifetime of knowledge in hair and poured it into a bottle. His namesake became not just a promise of education matters…but of care and styling tools that ROCK behind the chair and at home. REDAVID® Salon Products are a complete hair care and styling line of naturally sourced products made with “top shelf” ingredients that are humbly and authentically Canadian.

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