Serious Hair Science: REDAVID Orchid Oil

The remarkable orchid is the largest family of flowering plants on the planet. But it is the rare and uniquely composed oil found within the plant that REDAVID’s researchers tapped to serve as the core of our new REDAVID Orchid Oil™ Collection. Harvested from the stems and flowers of the Cymbidium orchid, (AKA the boat orchid), this unique oil possesses multiple benefits for curly and damaged hair: from restoring and maintaining essential moisture to renewing every strand ravaged by chemical and thermal damage. Best of all, the incredibly lightweight nature of the oil itself means that is won’t weigh the hair down and will instantly tame frizz! But that’s not all…

IT’S ALL ABOUT STEAM! Our Orchid Oil Is Gently Extracted

When it comes to plant oils, it’s all about retaining the highest quality and purest concentration of the natural elements within it. With our orchid oil, we use a steam distillation process to gently extract every precious drop from the stems and flowers of the Cymbidium orchid. In this process, water is added to the crushed cymbidium orchid flowers and stems and then boiled. Steam produced by the boiling water pulls the orchid extract with it as it travels out of the distillation container to a separate location where it condenses. The result is pure orchid oil and water, from which we extract the oil itself!