GUY STYLE: Hairstyles for Men by Face Shape

According to the 2015/2016 report released from Google on grooming and beauty trends, there were 6% more searches on men’s hair than women’s hair. Here’s something else you need to know: the men’s hair-care market grew 6.1% last year alone, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in beauty at a time when others are slowing. The point? Now is a great time to up your marketing to bring in male clients…and more importantly, give them a better style by matching it to their facial shape!

The Right Style: Oblong Faces

Characteristics of an oblong face shape: face longer than it is wide, often rounded jawline, cheekbones and jaw the same width. With this client, avoid taking the sides too short if they want to keep length on top. Focus on keeping the shape well proportioned (no sides that are too short or a top that is too long). Style their hair onto the face to reduce the appearance of length and maintain balance, keeping some length on top and try styling it either in a modern greaser, or a cool quaff.

The Right Style: Oval Faces

Characteristics of an oval face shape: considered the ideal shape, slightly rounded jaw, no unusual characteristics, face shape resembles the shape of an egg. This client with well-balanced proportions can experiment with nearly any haircut, in any shape or length. However, you want to avoid a full-length fringe, as this can make the face appear rounder. A squared off cut that levels the sides with the top (something along the lines of a pompadour) works perfectly.

The Right Style: Round Faces

Characteristics of a round face shape: jawline is round, face almost as wide as tall, round cheekbones. Choose a haircut considering what features/areas you would like to enhance or hide. Also choose a style that can be worn with a bit of height, adding volume to the hairstyle to keep the face from looking too round. Avoid sharp fringes as they only accentuate the natural roundness. Experiment with an off-center part, or some waves at the eye level to help minimize roundness.

The Right Style: Heart Faces

Characteristics of a heart face shape: cheekbones are widest part of the face, the face is wider than it is long, the chin is noticeably pointed. With this shape you want to keep the hairstyles slightly longer and choose a square haircut to balance the face shape. Opt for a messy look that covers the forehead (as it will draw attention to their nose, mouth & eyes), but don’t lift the hair off the face entirely, as this will make the whole face appear smaller.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The side swept clean fade adds definition and looks best on men with a round face shape. Round faces have the same shape as square-faced men, but with softer, less dramatic edges. Your chin and cheekbones, specifically, appear smoother and are likely less pronounced. Guys that have rounder faces could generally use more definition to make them appear longer, which is why the side swept clean fade cut is the best men’s haircut for you.

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